Cladding on stairs

Stairs are spaces that can have high traffic and often with great prominence within the different rooms. Microcement cladding, due to its functionality and the aesthetics of its finish, is one of the most chosen options by architects, designers and the public who discover the benefits of the product. Highly resistant and flexible, it offers a large number of colors and finishes.

Coating in
commercial premises

Microcement, when applied to any surface without the need for work, is ideal for remodeling or finishing that needs to be carried out more quickly. Due to its aesthetics, it coexists and adapts to different designs, transforming it into an ally for all types of commercial premises, offices, restaurants, gyms, among others. It is a product resistant to high traffic and easy to maintain.

Terrace Coating

Microcement is resistant to UV rays that can be used outdoors, making it an excellent option to apply to galleries and terraces. Its minimalist design gives the possibility of integrating it with furniture and objects of different textures and materials, creating spaces of great harmony with its surroundings.

Coating in Kitchens

Kitchens today are a multifunctional space, being a family meeting point or to share with friends. Being able to work with coatings on floors, walls and furniture makes it very attractive when designing modern and functional kitchens. Being easy to maintain, it allows you to keep the place clean in a very simple way, maintaining an aspect of order and spaciousness in the spaces.

Cladding in bedrooms

Bedrooms are spaces that invite us to relax, so their design should reflect this. We can work with microcement in finishes and coatings on both floors and walls. Also design some details in furniture, shelves or objects that are functional for daily use.

Including microcement in our projects gives us the possibility of creating proposals that transmit emotions and sensations that inspire harmony and tranquility, which is ideal for this type of stay.

Cladding in halls

The rooms are the center of the house, so the design must represent the personality of those who live there.

Microcement is a product with an artisanal finish, since, as it is not uniform, the betas are worked as it is placed. This is what makes it extremely attractive for design lovers who want to create unique spaces with their own style.

Coating in bathrooms

Microcement, being a resistant product that does not crack, is an excellent option for construction or bathroom renovations. It has great adherence on existing surfaces such as concrete, ceramics, plaster, tiles, etc.

It also has the possibility of non-slip finishes. Being waterproof, cleaning and maintenance of the surfaces are easily removed, always maintaining a clean appearance and smooth texture.

Furniture and objects

Livello proposes the exclusive design of furniture and objects covered in microcement.

Live the Livello experience, a perfect combination of simplicity and elegance. The purity of its lines, the elegance of the applied product and the softness of its texture, give us the possibility of creating unique proposals. Its handmade finish makes each piece a true work